DrewFX has released DrewF-Xmas


Released date: 12th December 2016 (Worldwide) for iPhone and Android devices.
Price FREE
Publisher: DrewFX

You must keep the band playing for as long you as can. The grinch doesn't like Christmas and will try to stop the band playing. But it's easy enough to stop him, just load up the app on your phone, put it in your virtual headset and shoot snowballs at him. The longer all the band plays together the higher your score.

  • Designed with Google Cardboard SDK to work on many phones (prefer around 6").
  • Works on any newish phone - best for bigger phones.
  • Just load into a Google Cardboard headset and start playing.

Andy H on 12th December 2016 0 comments

DrewFX has released Turbo Flick:DemonGPU


Released date: 22nd April 2011 (US) for iPod / iPad (scaling) / iPhone devices.
Price 99c (USD)
Publisher: DrewFX

Somewhere in one of these computer memories the Demon GPU was born. Now it is in your mobile device. It will destroy your world - unless, you can defeat it first. Battle your way through 6 sectors to find it. There the Demon GPU will be waiting.

  • Cyberspace themed flick shooter.
  • 36 levels to perfect.
  • Star based reward system. Can you get them all?
  • Retro arcade style shooter blended with pinball.

Andy H on 23rd April 2011 0 comments


Surf Prodigy is now available.

Are you the next Surfing Prodigy? DrewFX presents a cool surfing game for your iPhone and iPod touch. Paddle hard and don't pull out. It's only water.

Main Features

Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an island with of the best breaks in the world – and you happen to be there! Get amongst it!

  • 3D surfing action.
  • A full surf tour around the island to compete in and beat the challenges.
  • Seven locations to unlock.
  • Practice your moves in Free Surf mode on any of the unlocked breaks.
  • Surf well enough to attract a Sponsor who will help pay your way through competitions, or go it alone and make a name for yourself.
  • Board and wetsuit upgrades to enhance your surfing abilities.
  • Waves sizes vary from knee-high to well over head height with left and right breaking waves.
  • Cool, rocking soundtrack!
  • Punish your board and your wetsuit and you can repair it all with the cash you have earned, using the in-game repair system.